Середа, 6 Липня, 2022
додому Життя Ведмедик відпочиває в гамаку

Ведмедик відпочиває в гамаку

Ведмедик прийшов в гості, полежав в гамаку, а перепочивши, пішов далі по своїх справах…

A super chill bear got tired from wandering around and doing bear things, and decided to take a breather in a man’s hammock in Daytona Beach, Fla.


“I’m just here to chill, man,” the bear said, sipping from a chill bear beer.


Photographer Rafael Torres told WFTV the bear stayed in the hammock for about 20 minutes, until he left to go pursue more chill bear activities.


Residents said the bear has been spotted hangin’ around the ‘hood for several days, tearing through bird feeders and trash cans and generally living the life we all dream about.


Way to stick it to the man, bear. You’re an inspiration to us all.


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