Субота, 22 Січня, 2022
додому Життя Собаки за кермом

Собаки за кермом


1. This gentleman who is lecturing you about wasting to much damn water.


2. This lady who likes to stay in with her locally sourced wine.


3. This guy who catches a ride on an already eco-friendly means of transportation.


4. This lady who will NOT put up with your overuse of water resources.


5. These two tree guardians.


6. This guy who is sick of you leaving the lights on.


7. This guy who takes No Carbon Footprint Day VERY seriously*

8. This gal who gets help from her friends when she carpools.


9. This dude who feels eco friendly lectures should start as early as possible.


10. This guy who pees in nature to prevent excess waste from the toilet.


11. And this guy who does his own *natural* fertilization.


12. This guy who will NOT allow you to wash clothing that does not HAVE to be washed.


13. This lady who is sure not to accelerate too fast.


14. This misguided but noble attempt at cleaning up without chemicals.


15. This “camel” who continually tries to spice up the carpool lane.


16. This guy who turned in his Hummer for a more eco friendly compact.

Собаки рулять – так мабуть найкраще звучить – не знаю хто краще водить …


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