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додому Життя Невдачі маленьких улюбленців

Невдачі маленьких улюбленців

2. This dog who should have never gotten in the car with Gina.


Моя подруга каже, що вона хороший водій, але її собака так не думає…

3. This dog who feels a little overdressed for brunch.

5. This dog that really regrets saying he’d give his friend a lift to the airport.


6. This dog who really hopes no one saw that.6. This dog who really hopes no one saw that.


7. This dog who maaaybe went a little overboard when digging for that bone.


8. This dog who shouldn’t have offered to walk himself because now he’s lost. So very lost.


9. This dog who should not have taken that ecstasy before going to the club.


10. This dog who should have changed out of his pajamas before running to the corner store to grab milk.


11. This dog who borrowed her human’s eyebrow gel without asking.


12. This dog who shouldn’t have come late to breakfast.


13. This dog who wishes he took his Claritin so he could play outside with the other dogs.


14. This dog who shouldn’t have stayed out till 3 a.m. the night before because he’s paying for it now.


15. This dog who should have never picked a fight with a citrus fruit.


17. This dog who should have called a cab instead of trying squish into her friend’s car.


19. This dog who picked the wrong time to silently break wind.


20. This dog who really should have called his friend to make sure they weren’t going to show up to the party in the same shoes… again.


21. This dog who is starting to regret letting his roommate experiment with hair color on him.


22. This dog who didn’t get the memo that it was a costume party.


23. This dog who tried to act natural and did just the opposite.


24. This dog who regrets not taking her mom’s advice and packing light for the weekend trip.


28. This dog who passed out first at a party one time and now this photo follows him through life.


29. And this dog whose only mistake was being too awesome.


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