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додому Життя Нашим улюбленцям також потрібен відпочинок

Нашим улюбленцям також потрібен відпочинок

18 Woes Of Perpetually Tired People


2. You angle your computer so that you can kinda-sorta get away with closing your eyes… just for a minute…


4. Sometimes even moving from the sofa to the chair is asking too much.


5. You have no idea what that conference call was about.


6. You can never get through the entire movie. What did Rosebud mean, anyway??


8. There are lots of pictures of you on social media, sound asleep. Thanks, friends!


9. Sitting is never as much fun as laying down.


10. You always pay the price for any remotely strenuous physical activity.


11. Just like the Shakira song, you can fall asleep WHENEVER! WHEREVER!


12. Sometimes you can trick people into thinking that you’re not tired, you’re just a quiet, thoughtful person.




14. Napping positions? You’ve tried ‘em all. And they were all awesome.


15. You’re pretty sure sunny Sunday afternoons were CREATED for sleeping.


16. There has been an incident where you fell asleep in whatever it was you were eating. In your defense, you were really full.


17. You have fallen asleep on your friend/significant other. They maybe didn’t appreciate it.


18. Realizing you’ve slept through your alarm is pretty much a regular occurrence.


But all that’s OK, because you’re pretty much a champion at snuggling.

А ви думали, що тільки ви можете втомитись?


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